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Missed Calls

I can’t answer when I’m not near it,
Or when I don’t hear it.

Even when I wake up at dawn,
Sometimes I forget to check if it’s on.

I always try to answer,
Though I heard cell phones give you Cancer.

Never did learn how to text,
It left me feeling all perplexed.

If you really need me, just shout my name,
Whether your near or far, I’ll hear you just the same.

As soon as the syllables vibrate off your lips,
I’ll march towards you on an army of ships.

Once I’ve arrived, into your arms I will fall,
All just to tell you, “Sorry I missed your call.”

Written by Jessica Skye


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I wish I could be a Raindrop.

I wish I could be the rain. To be a single drop making that exhilarating jump thousands of feet down. Children would try to catch me on their tongues but I’d be too fast. I’d hit the ground and be swept up into a little puddle swirling around, dancing with all the other little drops just like me. And eventually I’d evaporate, swept back up into the heavens, ready to make that drop once more.

By Jessica Skye



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