Some days I like to imagine.

Some days I like to imagine.

Imagine being beautiful and planting grins on men’s faces. Put me in a Toga and I could be a Greek goddess, with my almond eyes, olive skin, full hips and long legs.

Or put me in a ball gown. I could be a Renaissance woman. My spiral curls would be perfectly pinned up and slither down in all the strategic places. My breast would plump up under the corset, leaving viewable my sexy shoulders and delicate collarbone.

But in the present day, I sit hunched in the coffee house, frumpy jeans and a stretched cotton tee. My frizzy hair is contained at the back of my neck with a hair tie. The hot coffee burns my fingers and I wrinkle my nose at it’s tar black appearance.  I get a glimpse of my reflection in the dirty mirror as I turn away… oh, wow… Yes, some days I like to imagine.



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3 responses to “Some days I like to imagine.

  1. Really like this poem! It reminds me of being a little girl and imagining what I would look like when I got older, wanting to be a ballerina or dressed up in a ballgown. I’m not sure why as adults, we don’t encourage imagination in the same way as when we are children. As kids, you make believe because it’s fun to go on an imaginary journey. As adults, it’s more common to imagine a new product or innovation for business. Of course, this is an important kind of imagination too, but I wonder how it would be if more adults allowed their minds to drift and imagine like you did here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. who doenst like to imagine? Drift away with thoughts…
    Reality is not always what we ambition, but reality is there, “real”.
    Despite all, “beauty” is really in the eye of the beholder, and it can be as subjective as “subjects” exist. there is always one, one specific, that sees your beauty for what you are, Olivemore, not for what you imagine you would like to be.
    I am sure you shine without being a Greek goddess :D

  3. Eliza

    Beauty is not so much as physical beauty … It’s what’s inside that counts the most ;)

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